Our Team

Cookes Kitchen has grown exponentially since its conception in 2006. We started out as a two brother team, sweating it out in the kitchen day in day out to make our restaurant as successful as it could be. We started with a dream of becoming the go to place for experimental and quality food in London and, while we consider ourselves to be one of the best, we’re always striving for bigger and better.

Part of what has made us so successful is the team and workforce that dedicate their lives to continuing and maintaining the success that we’ve been having for more than ten years. Some of these have been with us since the start and some have joined us along the way. Whenever they joined, each every staff member has been imperative to the growth and success of Cookes Kitchen.

The charm of our restaurant comes from the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We encourage chefs to mingle with diners and chat to them, it’s part of our family prerogative! So without further ado, here is our incredible team that helps make our restaurant, food and atmosphere so incredible!

Executive Chefs

Gary and Karl

The two brothers that started it all. As twins, we did everything in life together and it just so happens that we chose the same career path into the world of food. We both always loved eating and preparing dinner at home with our mother and we both worked at a little pub together when we were in our teens and our passion grew from there.

You know about our kitchen and our story, so here’s a little bit more personal information. Gary is happily single and loves spending time with his two dogs on the outskirts of London, he likes to keep fit and is commonly seen in his lycra on his bike.

Karl is a little different and is very domestic with his wife and two kids. He’s a family man through and through and, aside from the kitchen, his family is his whole life. He’s a very hands on dad and loves nothing more than doing the school run and cooking for his family.

Head Chef


We had to take on a head chef as our business grew to indescribable heights. Gary and Karl were working insane hours every single day and, while it was hard to admit they needed help, they took on Jeremy in good faith. He was a dream to have in the kitchen and transformed the business to be more efficient and streamlined.

Jeremy now picks up the slack that Gary and Karl leave behind and is a wizard at making sure the kitchen is running smoothly when the executive chefs can’t be around.

Sous Chef


Katrina moved to London from Romania five years ago and she is a Romanian dream! I don’t know what they teach kids about food in Romania, but they need to introduce that over here! She has so many good ideas and this girl can whip up a dessert like no one else.

She’s a tough mama in the kitchen and you don’t wnt to get on the wrong side of her at all. She’s the one to keep everyone in check.

Chef de Partie


We love tot ake on young people and coach them to be the best they can be in the kitchen, Anna started working for us when she was around 15, working as a pot washer and waitress. She knows the business inside out and is definitely looking to be the top dog! She is very hard working and has risen through the ranks so fast thanks to her enthusiasm and dedication.

She has completed qualifications in food and culinary arts and is now working hard to advance her career with us. She is like our little sister and is a key part in food quality and control.

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