The Importance of Family Dinners in Modern Life

In today’s fast-paced world, family dinners are often overlooked or replaced by hurried meals on the go. However, the tradition of gathering around the dinner table holds immense significance in modern life, fostering communication, connection, and a sense of belonging among family members. Family dinners provide a valuable opportunity for busy individuals to pause, unwind, […]

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Oysters are the latest dinner party hit

Once the preserve of celebrities and oligarchs, oysters have left the champagne bars and are becoming the dish of choice for dinner party hosts. Supermarket sales have soared compared with last year, with analysts and chefs saying that their versatility and “air of mystery” made them a dinner table talking point. […]

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Rösti-topped chicken and pancetta pie

Serves 6-8 Ingredients 1 x 1.8-2kg whole cooked chicken 600ml good-quality chicken stock 1.25kg floury potatoes (about 5 large ones) 225g cubed pancetta 250g chestnut mushrooms, cut into quarters 125g butter 800g leeks, cut into fat rounds, 1-2cm thick 3 tbsp roughly chopped fresh tarragon leaves 3 tbsp plain flour 250ml double cream Salt and […]

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