5 Fantastic Snacks to Enjoy on the Slopes

Skiers and snowboarders expend a lot of energy when they’re out on the slopes all day. Unfortunately, on-slope restaurants can be pricey and most foods are tough to carry unless you go out with a backpack. Luckily enough, you can always avail yourself of these handy snacking options.

  1. Oat Bars

imageOat bars are a fantastic way to fill up while you’re on the slopes, and there a plenty of flavours to choose from. Whether you’re mad about strawberries, in love with honey, or nuts about nuts, you’ll find a nutritious oat bar that can cater to your tastes. Just make sure you carry them in an interior jacket pocket to stop them getting broken up if you take a fall.

  1. Dried Fruit

It can be hard to get proper nutrients when you’re out on the slopes all day, especially when everyday fruit is pretty impractical. Bananas will bruise and apples with protrude, but you can take along a bag of dried fruit to make a healthy snack, even throwing in some peanuts to create a delicious trail mix.

  1. Jerky

Protein can be just as hard to take out each day; most sources will spoil easily and taste pretty funky when you actually come to eat them. That makes jerky a good option. It’s tasty, compact, and you can easily slip a piece or two out to have on the fly. You can take a look at the array of jerky options provided by companies similar to North-Creek smokehouse jerky to purchase them before your next adventure on the slope.

  1. Mini-Cheese

Mini cheeses must have been a staple of your school lunchbox, as well as a hot tradeable when lunchtime actually rolled around. Small and simply packaged, they’re also a great and healthy option for boarders and skiers, and are a particular favourite among snow-loving families.

  1. Mini Chocolate Bar

In the end, fun-size chocolate bars are going to be the most popular option, especially if you’re on holiday with your children. For a little variety, you can buy a multi-pack of different versions, then give them out when you’re on the lift. This makes a nice reward after a long run, and it really helps break the monotony of standing around in a gondola.

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