5 interesting restaurants to try out in New York

New York City is an exciting city to visit. Whether you want to have sushi lunch or try Greek cuisine, there is something for everyone here. In fact, the city offers some of the most unique dining experiences. Take a look at where’s good to go from our Top five below:


Blue Smoke’s Jazz Stand

For jazz lovers, this is a must try restaurant in NYC. The cuisine features some of the best barbeque in the city. Expect to find the restaurant open daily. Each night two jazz sets are played, attracting some of the most renowned jazz musicians.

Brooklyn Grange

For those who want a breath of fresh air in the city, Brooklyn Grange fits the bill. Located on a private rooftop, the fresh produce is featured in the spectacular dishes here as diners enjoy an equally spectacular view of the city.

La Caverna

For a dining experience like no other, Caverna is a good option. The restaurant is like a prehistoric cave where you can get lost from it all (cell service won’t work here!). With a tasty yet economical menu, the restaurant also has a dance floor.

RW Prime Steakhouse

This restaurant is featured within the Resorts World Casino. Diners can enjoy the finest USDA certified beef as well as fresh seafood and play some live casino games similar to those that you can find on CasinoOnline.co.nz for a bit of fun. A cocktail lounge and several private dining rooms are available here as well.

Camaje Bistro’s “Dinner in the Dark”

This New York bistro features a special dinner twice every month. During the dinner, guests are blindfolded which helps to make one’s sense of smell and taste much more sharp. Guests are not told the menu until after the dining experience.

There are even more unique restaurants to try while in New York City. It just takes a little research to find some.

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