5 tips to dealing with your post baby body.

Becoming a mother not only changes your lifestyle, future, finance or social habits it changes your physical appearance and body shape. Carrying a little life in you for 9 months, although is a wonderful life changing experience it has a mega impact on your body. There is a growing trend of pregnant ladies staying in control while pregnant and only allowing themselves to put on baby weight while working out throughout their pregnancy.


However, for most of us pregnancy is a time to relax, enjoy and blame baby for them creeping pounds.

Giving birth is an overwhelmingly exciting time as is taking home your little bundle, diets and workouts are the last thing on your mind at the moment. However all of a sudden a few weeks into mother hood you catch a glimpse of yourself and panic sets in. although your little baby was more than worth the last year of pregnancy your post baby body now depends on you to change eating and exercise habits in order to regain back any similarity to your pre baby body.

If your one of the lucky ones who gained very little and bounced right back fab well done. However the majority of mothers are finding themselves with unwanted pounds that they really struggle to lose.

The first year of your baby’s life is an exciting time for you both and you will want to savour every moment of it. Having a baby can bring much joy and happiness but for others it can bring with it stress and low mood. You have to be careful at this time to really take care of yourself as well as try and enjoy each day with your new arrival. Here are a few tips at losing post baby pounds while enjoying your baby.

  1. Focus on you: other women may snap back to pre-baby shapes quickly, some may have never put any weight on; others may really struggle to lose. We are all different so it is important to focus on your own journey and listen to your own body you will inevitably lose weight after you have your baby but it is finding the right sensible way to achieve this that is right for you and your lifestyle. Give yourself ample time to relax and try to back into shape only when you are ready. Do not rush. Some women use Yoni eggs while engaging in post-partum kegel exercises. You may want to check what girls are saying about the yoni eggs in their testimonials.
  1. Avoid fad diet trends and quick weight loss solutions! You carried a baby for 9 months it took this time for your body to change to accommodate your little one so you should allow at least the same amount of time to heal and re adapt.
  1. Having a baby can be an emotionally stressful time your hormones will still be elevated and there may be a great deal happening around you since little one arrived. At this time many parents want to sell their homes to accommodate for a growing family and services like https://www.readysteadysell.co.uk are useful for a quick sale to alleviate stress from financial pressures. Diets and food changes may add to the stress of your situations so it is important to start off slow with small changes in order to adapt.
  2. It’s hard enough being on a diet and avoiding certain foods but if you are a mother to older children as well as a new-born you will find you are often in a routine of breakfasts, lunches and dinner options that accommodate for your children. Your fridge will be full of tasty treats that you probably should be leaving for the kids! They might wonder why you are always eating different food and not the same as them so it is important to try and get the whole family on board if possible so it doesn’t feel you are restricting yourself and leaving your older children confused about food choices.
  3. Get support from family, friends or a local slimming group. It’s hard doing it alone and you may need the support on days were you feel like giving up.
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