A guide to revamping your kitchen

The heart of the home and the place where culinary masterpieces are created, the kitchen is surely one of the most important parts of any property. If you’re looking to achieve perfection in your cooking area, keep reading. The following guide should help you to design a kitchen that’s both stylish and practical.

Let there be light

A mixture of task, accent and ambient lighting is a must in any modern kitchen. So that you can see exactly what you’re doing when you’re slicing, dicing, mixing and rolling, you’ll need to ensure your worktops are bathed in brightness. You can achieve this using downlights, pendants or under-cupboard lights. Meanwhile, for added visual interest, try fitting uplights above your cabinets or installing illuminations below any island units. Make sure you can control your lights individually too so that you can create a range of different moods at the flick of a switch.


Take care to choose the right window dressings as well. Window blinds, sheer or sunscreen curtains can work especially well in cooking spaces because they help to ensure that maximum natural light is let into the rooms, giving them an open, airy look and feel. If you’re not sure which style of dressing or type of fabric to go for the blinds, don’t just guess. Instead, arrange for a supplier based in your area to bring samples to your property so that you can see the materials in situ. For example, Curtain World in Perth offers in-home consultations to allow people to check fabrics out firsthand. Going to this effort will help ensure you’re completely happy with the end results. And, if you have oddly shaped windows, you should still be able to find Custom Blinds pretty easily and have them made to your exact specifications so that they will not only look fantastic, but do exactly what you want them to.

Don’t skimp on storage

Unless you want your counters to be cluttered with anything from cookbooks and cups to spices and saucepans, you’ll need to ensure you have plenty of storage in this room. To make maximum use of the square footage on offer, consider installing full-height units. You can also increase your storage space by including an island unit in your design and by using carousel units in awkward corner spaces. In the event you are not so sure how to plan for the storage part, you can get in touch with a professional kitchen remodeler from Houston Kitchen Renovators (https://houstonkitchenrenovators.com/) or a similar kitchen contracting company in your vicinity. Experts from these firms can examine the space of your kitchen and chart the necessary storage options before remodeling.


Select hardwearing work surfaces

When you’re selecting work surfaces, be sure to choose hardwearing materials that can withstand the rigours of use in a busy cooking area. Stone can be expensive, but it extremely robust. Meanwhile, solid hardwoods can work well too, as long as they are cared for properly. If you opt for wood though, consider fitting metal hot rods into your counters. These handy bars enable you to put hot pans and dishes onto your worktops without damaging the timber.

Be careful with colour

Light, neutral colour schemes tend to work best in kitchens because they help to open the spaces up and make them seem larger. For added personality, you can incorporate colourful splashbacks and appliances, and you could put some of your favourite artwork on the walls.

Designing the perfect kitchen takes some effort and skill, but your hard work will be rewarded. You’ll end up with a cooking space that looks the part and is a pleasure to use.

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