Affordable Catering Options for Events With Large Numbers of People

Catering a meal for a few guests is complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, but catering for a large number of people can leave you downright exhausted and broke. If you need to cater a large event or party on a budget, then you have to think outside the box. You want your guest to be well fed and happy, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune. The good news is that you can have it both ways by following a few of these suggestions for affordable catering ideas for large groups.

Consider a hog roast

A hog roast may seem a bit on the informal side, but it’s one of the best and most affordable ways to feed a large number of guest. A 50-kilo pig can feed up to 50 guests with large portion sizes or up 120 with smaller plate sizes or additional side dishes. A hog roast can be a fun outdoor event for weddings and even business gatherings where co-workers and guest can mingle in an informal and laid-back setting.

Serve up the spuds

A potato bar is another affordable catering idea for those events that have a large guest list. You can have a potato bar set up with lots of toppings and extras such as cheese, chili, sour cream, ham, bacon, or just about any other topping you can imagine. A simple potato bar can cost you as little as a few pounds per guest and is a great choice for wedding receptions, birthday, or office parties.

Stone baked pizza

Stone baked pizza is not only delicious, but it’s affordable as well. You can serve a large number of guest on a low-budget with pizza, and it can be tailor-made for your more finicky guests with different styles such as vegetarian pizza, all meat pizza, or vegan pizza. Stone baked pizza catering is a perfect choice for graduations or other events with large groups of kids or young adults in attendance.

A taste of Mexico

A Taco bar is another low-cost and affordable option for large caterings. You can get really elaborate with the toppings and still maintain a fairly cost-effective catering. If you’re planning a more formal event, add a few high-end ingredients such as pork, chicken, or even steak in additions to ground beef. A taco bar is a good choice for almost all types of events and is always a favorite among guests. Join us in a cooking revolution (blog)