Creative Apps

While I don’t want to labour the point too much, healthy eating and making sure you get enough exercise is what I am all about. Together, with my family, we try our hardest to maintain a healthy life balance that includes activity and the quality of food. While I have been lucky enough to live a pretty good life, over the past 5 years, I have lost friends to cancers that took them far too early. What do you estimate to be too early? Well, if the life expectancy of a male is about 83 these days, then 80 is a little soon, wouldn’t you say?


There’s nothing you can do to avoid the ‘Big C’ at times. Regardless of a healthy lifestyle and staying fit, there are some cancers that hit you for 6 and they can’t be stopped. But believe me, there will eventually be a cure for all of them. I didn’t really want to get onto such a morbid topic albeit it is real life. Just lately my wife and I have been talking about applications, you know, apps that you download onto your iPad or smartphone? They seem to be everywhere. You just get yourself along to an iOS developer and you can have an app for whatever you like. It doesn’t appear to be hard at all. Considering some of the apps are extremely useful it’s something we looked into ourselves.

As I have already said, buying healthy foods and living well means you can share your lifestyle with others by developing an app. I was over at this website a few days ago to find out as much as I could about how to go about using a developer or doing the app ourselves. Both ways have merit if you are prepared to start at the bottom of the learning curve that will take you through some technical stuff, the scariest being the coding. But, still possible.

If you’ve had the same idea or you are thinking of setting up an application that will suit your business then pop over here and have a look at the stuff I have been talking about. Then, sort through apps that are already available on the system to see what the reviews are like. You will be amazed at how insightful the reviews can be and from those seeds you can grow an idea to improve on an already existing app. If you think you can create a new one that covers a topic or service that nobody has thought of yet, then good luck. I think that’s the toughest way to find out if there is a need. I was looking for some apps on labelling and healthy foods and after about 2 hours my mind was mush from the amount of stuff out there already that covers those topics. The best bet, get one for yourself. Join us in a cooking revolution (blog)