Four Drink Options That Are Better Than Soda

Drinking soda is worse for people than they think, much of it because of the huge sugar content inside. Studies are even showing that diet soda isn’t as good for people as they once thought. From too many calories to too many chemicals, it’s hard to know what food is good for you these days.

When it comes to quenching your thirst nothing is better for you than some good, crisp, clear water. However, sometimes water can get a little boring to drink. In that case, here are some other things you can enjoy drinking instead of soda, which will do some good for you.


Tea is an extremely healthy drink option, and can even work to heal what ails you, depending on what is in the tea. The tea itself, black, white or green, has many health benefits. Green tea contains the most antioxidants, which can help clean out the toxins in your system.

Green tea is also great for weight loss, as it can make you feel fuller, longer. Add some fresh berries or mint to your tea, or even dried, and you’re getting even more healthy benefits. Berries will increase your antioxidant intake.  Tea is truly healing.


Water is your best option to drink, as it replaces the water that builds your makeup when you sweat it out. But, it can get kind of boring after a while, so you may need to do something in order to make the water taste a little better, or different.

Infuse your water with fruits or vegetables. You can add lemon, lime, or even berries for a great tasting fruit water that continues to have awesome health benefits. You can also use things like cucumbers to add flavor, and benefits.


In moderation, and depending on how you take it, coffee can be good for you. Start by drinking it black. The sugar you might add is just plain bad for you, and the creamer can be fattening.

Coffee, like tea, contains antioxidants. It’s made from natural ingredients, and it can even give you a good boost of energy when needed.

Fresh Juice

Lastly, juice is a great option for an alternative drink, but you are better off making the juice yourself. Store bought juices can have added sugar and other chemicals to make them shelf stable. Instead, invest in a good juicer and make your own, healthy concoctions at home.

You can also make smoothies for a nice dessert drink. Quench your need for ice cream and other sweets with a smoothie made with fresh fruit, vegetables, and low fat yogurt. Add some whey for a nice protein kick, and it will give you some energy to get through the day as well. Join us in a cooking revolution (blog)