Healthy recipes to lose your weight

To get success in cutting down weight depends more on your foods, whether you are following the right diet or not. Many people don’t have even an idea about healthy recipes, thus end up choosing the wrong foods that increase weight rather than cut down. You must go out of your way in making sure the recipes you settle for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are healthy enough to help you in dealing with the weight loss mission. With healthy recipes or healthy foods, weight loss can be done quickly and easily at your home. You can cook a recipe or can pick up some foods that have the exact health benefits that you are looking for. You should remember that the real essence of a dish is to nourish your body. You may choose dishes that have low saturated fat and calories. Aside from this, it should contain all the necessary macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fibers, good fat, vitamins, minerals, and more.

These recipes are worth making but what to do when you don’t have even the minimum time to make a healthy breakfast or meal with important macronutrients? This is much better to switch to a fast food stop that offers healthy, low-fat food items rather than skipping your meal. You will get some food junctions near your home or on the way to work that offer healthy breakfasts or meals. These restaurants are specially designed by keeping in mind the new age people who choose to have low fat, healthy foods only. Subway is one of the names among them. They make a healthy, low-fat sandwich and other delicious food items that will never be harmful to your body and you will get the necessary nutrients. Subway Card will enhance your habit for good with some discounts also. Subway always tries to make their recipes perfect with continuous food surveys and experiment.

Your weight loss program will not be affected if you have your breakfast from SubWay. They serve low-calorie foods for such people. You can try some recipes from Subway at your home when you have time to make food for you or can try something similar with your own cooking knowledge. No matter whether you are cooking at home or having food from SubWay, your weight loss regime will be maintained.

When you are at your home, try these recipes for your breakfast to dinner:

Breakfast recipes for your weight loss program

Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day especially if you are in a weight loss program. These low-calorie breakfast recipes will make sure that you will never have to skip breakfast again. You can try having the pumpkin pecan waffles or can make the delicious sweet potato pancakes. But if you are looking for an unconventional one, you can try Quinoa salad. Boil the quinoa and dry it completely. Now add small tomato pieces, onion pieces, cucumbers, mint, parsley, vinegar, lemon juice, pepper, salt, and olive oil, and toss it properly. Now add avocado pieces and enjoy your delicious but low calories breakfast. You can also make Oats delight. Take just a few drops of olive oil, and sauté carrot, green chili, beans, tomato, peas, cabbage, and other vegetables. Add oat flakes. Now add water and salt and bring them to a boil. As it dries up completely, your oats delight is ready. You can also make Oats Milk Love. Just boil the oats in milk. As it cools down add dates, strawberries, pistachio, almonds, avocado, and honey.

Lunch recipes

When you are dieting for weight loss, finding healthy lunch options could be difficult. No more! We have come up with this pumpkin soup recipe that is a 10 on 10. Pumpkins have low calories and it does not contain any cholesterol or saturated fats. Pumpkins are also rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. Alternatively, vegetable brown rice could be a great option. Boil the brown rice first. Take a pan; add one small spoonful of soybean oil; and add mustard seeds and curry leaves. Sauté the vegetables with salt and add the brown rice; mix them well. These are just two of the many healthy meal examples; more Meal Plans similar to these can be found on the Internet.


One of the keys to effective weight loss is eating healthy but light dinners that are easy and quick to cook. You can try lemony baked salmon, baked chicken, or light chicken soup at night. Another great recipe is a wheat-bran hotchpotch. Take vegetables, healthy lentils, and wheat bran. In a pan, take half spoon of oil, and add cumin seeds. As it splutters add green chili and vegetables. Cook them for a few minutes and then add yellow lentils, salt and bring them to a boil. Serve hot to enjoy a fulfilling but low-fat and light dinner at home. Join us in a cooking revolution (blog)