What Makes Bulthaup Different?

Bulthaup was born in 1949 when Martin Bulthaup bought a saw-mill and started a furniture company not far from the northern foothills of the Alps. He began the philosophy that would come to define the company by using only materials of exceptional natural beauty and taking immense time and care over every piece of furniture he created.


From being delivered using horse-drawn carts to local clients, Bulthaup was supplying discerning customers all across Germany by the end of the 1950s.

By the time his son, Gerd Bulthaup, began running the company in 1976, the brand had already become synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and clean, simplistic designs. That only became more apparent when Gerd took Otl Aicher, designer of the Summer Olympics in Munich, into the Bulthaup fold.

In 2010, Martin Bulthaup took up the reigns to continue the legacy begun by his grandfather. Even in an age where almost all furniture is made by machines, Bulthaup stresses the importance of human hands when refining each material into a piece worthy of their name. Today, their kitchens are modelled using 3D systems to mirror the perspectives of people sitting at the table, and each one seeks to excite communication and redefine the kitchen in its social and cultural context.

That kind of dedication results in pieces of furniture that are truly unique, and Bulthaup has been awarded numerous honours because of this fact. Their accolades include:

  • Innovation Prize for Architecture and Construction
  • Architects Partner Award as One of the Top 10 Companies in the Construction Industry
  • Elle Décor Design Award
  • International Design Prize from the Stuttgart Design Centre

If you’re looking for a kitchen that moves far beyond the average and speaks of a timeless, simple style, feel free to browse a beautiful Bulthaup collection today. You won’t be disappointed.

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