The Secrets of Grilling a Steak, Revealed

Whenever I have dinner in my favorite restaurants, such as the American Cut Steakhouse, I always end up being envious of how their chefs can grill the meat perfectly. I have to be honest, I have tried imitating their techniques several times, but, I seldom succeeded in ending up with the steak that I envision. With this, in the rest of this post, I will share some of the things that I have learned and I hope that you can apply it better than I did.

Don’t Skip the Seasoning 

During a recent private dining in Buckhead, I talked to one of the chefs who prepared our meal and he shared that seasoning is one thing that should never be ignored. Even a little seasoning can go a long way in improving the flavor of the meat. Salt is one of the best seasonings. It does not only make the meat more flavorful, but it also absorbs moisture. Rubbing it with cracked black pepper or brushing with butter will also do the trick.

Wait Before you Grill 

Even if you are in a hurry, do not immediately put the meat on the grill. Instead, you need to wait for at least half an hour until the meat reaches room temperature. Nonetheless, it should also be pointed out that you should not wait too long as this can spoil the meat and make it a breeding ground of bacteria. When the steak is too cold, it will be cooked inconsistently.

Use Charcoal 

Traditional grilling is one of the best ways to come up with the perfect steak. Make sure to use real charcoal. Although electric grills are convenient, they do not give the steak the flavor and aroma that you can achieve with the use of charcoals. With charcoal, it will be easier for the steak to demonstrate a rich and smoky flavor. When fat pours on the charcoals, it burns and becomes smoke. It rises to the meat, making it tastier.

Know the Right Time to Grill 

The 2:2 rule is one of the things that will be helpful in grilling the perfect steak. Wait for the coals to fire up and for the flames to go down. Once it has settled, place your hand at least two inches on the top of the grill. If you can hold your hand for at least two seconds, this means that it is hot enough and you are now ready to start grilling!  

Master the Post-Grilling Technique 

In one article from Huffington Post, one of the grilling tips revealed is that when you are done grilling, this does not mean that it is the end of it. Dressing the board is one thing that you should learn. In a cutting board, drizzle olive oil. Grate lemon zest and shallot. Once the steak is ready, place the meat on the top of the board and let it absorb the flavor and aroma of what is underneath.

The next time you grill steak at home, pay attention to the things mentioned above, and for sure, you will end up with mouthwatering meat! Join us in a cooking revolution (blog)