What meal should I have quiz

Have you found yourself searching through all of your kitchen cupboards, as well as every shelf in your fridge and freezer, trying to find a meal that will happily fill you – but to no joy?


Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. To save you from being struck down by the hunger bug, Wyboston Lakes — home to the inviting Waterfront Restaurant & Grill — has put together this fun quiz.

Work your way through the following questions and let us determine the perfect type of meal that you should be tucking into this evening:

1. We’ll focus on the important stuff first — food. Pick something you could tuck into right now:

A. Yorkshire puddings

B. Mozzarella cheese

C. Risotto rice

D. Chickpeas


2. Still thinking about food, what’s your favourite pizza topping?

A.  Bacon

B. It’s pizza – any topping suits me!

C. Chorizo

D. Spicy chillies


3. And how about your favourite pie?

A. Corned beef

B. I’m all about the dessert pie – a torta caprese for me please!

C. Empanada

D. Sambusac


4. A ‘next meal’ quiz would be far too straightforward if we just concentrated on food. So, which landmark stands out to you the most?

A. Stonehenge

B. Leaning Tower of Pisa

C. Sagrada Família

D. Taj Mahal


5. Pick a sport

A. Cycling

B. Fencing

C. Football

D. Cricket


6. Which artist or band’s music would you pick to play first?

A. David Bowie

B. Luciano Pavarotti

C. Enrique Iglesias

D. Ravi Shankar


7. Likewise, which actor’s movies and TV shows would you choose to watch first?

A. Idris Elba

B. Giancarlo Giannini

C. Penélope Cruz

D. Mindy Kaling


Decision time

  • If you answered mainly A’s, then the type of meal that you should have is…


Why seek out the best recipes of far-flung destinations when the English make such great dishes? A roast dinner with all the trimmings or a filling plate of fish and chips — even better if you live by the seafront — are the meals you should opt for.

  • If you answered mainly B’s, then the type of meal that you should have is…


Italy has flourished for centuries for so many things, from their music to their architecture to their love of the arts. Their food is top-grade too, so opt for something like a pizza or spaghetti dish tonight.

  • If you answered mainly C’s, then the type of meal that you should have is…


Viva Espana! Food is an integral part of Spain’s rich history, with the delicious and unique cuisines the country is famous for being sure to serve you well tonight. Paella, Spanish ratatouille and a dish filled with cured meats are just a few ideas.

  • If you answered mainly D’s, then the type of meal that you should have is…


A curry is likely to be among the first meals you think of — do you stay on the safe side of the spice scale with Balti though, or up the heat with a vindaloo? We recommend you also consider serving up a spiced roast side of salmon or a tandoori roast chicken for something a little different. Don’t forget the chutney and naan!

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