3 Holiday Records Sure To Make You Drool

Here we are. It’s time for the holidays again. It seems to come a little faster each year. Thanksgiving turkeys are being bought in droves and grandmothers everywhere are getting ready to make their famous dressings and pies. It’s just in time to sit down with our families and celebrate all that we have to be thankful for and there is much more than any of us could ever find time to mention.

Before the last turkey leg is gobbled up and the final turkey sandwich is consumed, we will turn around again and begin preparations for Christmas dinner and all the goodies that accompany the time of year we celebrate the birth of Christ. Below are three ways you can bring the drooling to the max with holiday food records.

Bring On The Pumpkin Pie

After we have stuffed our tummies with turkey, dressing, potatoes, green beans, bread, and whatever else your family likes to celebrate Thanksgiving with, it’s time for dessert. One of the most popular desserts at Thanksgiving is the pumpkin pie.

In our home, we have to make a whole one for my son, alone. That sweet pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and sugar come together to make the perfect topping to a stomach full of turkey and dressing.

Pumpkin pie is so desired by so many families it was once the subject of a Guinness World Record attempt. The pie measured 20 ft across, took over 440 pie shells to create, and weighed 3,699 lbs! Now that’s a stomach ache waiting to happen.

The Traditional Gingerbread House

After Thanksgiving, we begin to turn our attention to all the things that we use to help us celebrate Jesus’ birthday. We put up our tree, hang the stockings by the chimney, decorate our homes with the prettiest wreaths and light displays, and we always make sure to remember the sweet treats.

The traditional gingerbread house originated in Germany in the 16th century and was made popular when the Brothers Grimm came up with the story of Hansel and Gretel where they encounter a witch who lives in a house made of sweets. Since then, children all over the world look forward to building such a house with their parents just to consume it as quickly as it was erected.

The largest gingerbread house on record was built in 2013 at Traditions Golf Club in Byran, Texas. This construction was so huge, a building permit was required to construct it. It was almost 40,000 cubic feet. To build a sweet of that magnitude you would need 1,800 pounds of butter and 1,080 ounces of ground ginger. Wow!    

Me Want Cookies!

No, it’s not Cookie Monster, but when Christmas rolls around, there are millions of children and adults who could play the part perfectly. Cookies are great any time of year, but Christmas seems to be the time when we are allowed to overindulge in one of the most veritable treats in the world.

Some of the most popular are chocolate chip, oatmeal cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut butter, and sugar cookies. A tradition in many families is to make and decorate sugar cookies together. Cookies are so popular, in fact, that they have spurred many record attempts and successes. The largest bag of cookies in the world was 7,054 lbs!

The biggest cookie on record? That would be a whopping 8,120 sq. ft. How about the most cookies baked in an hour? Try 4,695 cookies. That’s enough to give every child in our local high school four and a half cookies each!

Whether you are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas, take the time to share these record breaking desserts with your family. It’s bound to prepare their saliva glands for the real thing.


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