How to Choose the Best Crystal Wine Glasses

You might think that all wine glasses are the same. They might also seem to be made from the same type of material. The truth is that there are subtle differences that make some better than others. For instance, some glasses have different contours, determining the amount of air that comes in contact with the wine before drinking it, or the amount of aroma released, of course those who are part of wine month club or any other wine subscription would know this!

When choosing a wine glass, you should opt for high-quality crystal glasses just like the ones at Crystal Decor. There are a lot of choices available, so you need to be careful in making a decision. Take a look at every part of the glass and determine why they were made that way.


The bowl can either be wide or narrow. If you opt for a wider bowl, it allows an increased surface of the wine to be exposed to the air. It also encourages more alcohol to evaporate. This drastically changes what you taste because some of the properties have already left the wine. Stronger wines like red wine, for instance, work well with wider bowls in order to promote oxidation. Narrower bowls, on the other hand, are perfect for white wines as they need the slightest oxidation only. They help preserve the temperature, as white wines are best served cold. Other types of wines like sparkling wines may also work best with narrower bowls.


The wine glass may also be stemmed or stemless. When choosing a stemmed wine glass, it helps you keep the heat coming from your hand away from the wine. Otherwise, the wine will no longer be chilled and it could alter its taste. You should also choose stemmed glasses if you want to hang them upside down. It also prevents stale air from being trapped in the bowl.

Stemless wine glasses, on the other hand, are for everyday use. You can even serve water using this glass. They work best with red wines since this type of wine is served at room temperature.


As for the rim, it can either be tapered or flared. When it is tapered, the shape keeps the aroma at the top portion of the glass and prevents it from being moved to other parts. It also prevents spilling as the person drinking it moves from one place to another. Flared glasses are glasses with rims that taper and ultimately flare. This is more effective for holding the aroma of the wine. It also helps easily direct the flow of the wine onto the front part of the palate which helps you taste the rich flavors even more. You might want to check out sites like and join their subscription plan if you plan to drink in this more often. Maybe you’ll find a few more crystal glasses that interest you!

Yes, these are important considerations when buying wine glasses. Not all wines are the same and neither are wine glasses. You have to decide which glass will be best for the kind of wine that you want to serve to your guests, to allow them to enjoy the wine at its best.

Image: Join us in a cooking revolution (blog)