3 Ways To Increase The Audience On Your Instagram Food Account

Starting an Instagram account about food is something that a lot of people have a lot of success with.  Whether it be for just a hobby or for a full on career as an influencer, there is certainly money and notoriety.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that your audience will simply appear like magic the minute that you start an account.  However, as Instagram is getting more and more intelligent there are a variety of algorithms and other factors which can make getting lots of followers a challenge.  Maximizing your marketing strategies is crucial when it comes to getting your Instagram account out there. If you want to get your audience growing on your Instagram food account, look no further than the following tips.  

Connect To Your Other Social Media Accounts

When you connect your Instagram to your other social media accounts then you are taking advantage of the audience that you already have.  Linking these accounts is a great way to make sure that you are maximizing your visibility to the biggest audience possible and can move them from one platform to the other.

If you have a large audience on your blog then make sure that you post about your new Instagram account so that even though you may not be able to link your blogging platform directly to Instagram for existing users, you can still use your wide audience on your blog to attract new followers to find you.

Get a Boost From a Service

A surefire way to boost any website or social media accounts is by bringing in professionals to do it for you. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hire a full-time member of staff. The expenditure involved in this of course might not always be possible for your company, especially if you’re the owner of a small business with only a handful of staff. In this instance, it might be better for you to outsource the service either in the short term or as part of a subscription service. For example, through services like Big Fat Links, you can have them do outreach for you to secure the tricky to obtain links that you need to improve the ranking of your website. Similarly you can hire social media services to help you attain extra followers and organise your paid ads if this is something that you and your team don’t have much experience in.

Follow Other Users

One of the most popular and effective ways to make sure that you get yourself out there and attract other users is to follow as many people as you can.  When you start doing this within your food niche then you will find that you begin to attract more users who are likely to interact with your account.

Try to visit large food accounts and follow their followers.  When you get into the habit of doing this at least a few times a day then you can grow your audience as much as hundreds a week by this alone.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to get people onto your page and following your account.  When people click on hashtags then they are directed to all of the images on Instagram which have also been associated with that hashtag.

Try to use as many hashtags as you can so that you expand your visibility to as many interests and subcategories as possible.  Once you get into the habit of adding hashtags to everything you can save them in your phone or computer and simply copy and paste. This way you can save time rather than manually inputting it every time.

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