Electric vs. Range: Which Pressure Cooker is Right for You?

All pressure cookers work in essentially the same way, and yet there are different types available. One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is whether to opt for an electric pressure cooker or a range-top pressure cooker, so we thought we’d break down the benefits of each option.

The Benefits of Electric Pressure Cookers

As a general rule of thumb, people value electric pressure cookers for their convenience. You don’t have to fiddle around with heat settings since an electric pressure cooker will adjust them automatically. Select the level you want, then let the cooker take care of the rest. Better yet, an electric pressure cooker can eliminate the need for a slow cooker or a rice cooker. As such, they’re a good option if you only have a limited amount of kitchen countertop space at your disposal.

Perhaps most importantly, electric pressure cookers are arguably a lot safer. There’s no need to worry if the gas is turned on and no consequences to face if you make a mistake with the timing. The cooker can be placed at any height, and you’ll be able to use yours without taking up any space on your hob. That might not be a huge factor for most people, but consider whether you might use your pressure cooker while making other dishes. If so, it can be nice to move it anywhere you like.

The Benefits of Range-Top Pressure Cookers

While electric pressure cookers prioritise convenience, range-top cookers are much sturdier and stronger. If you value durability, range-top is almost certainly the way to go – they can last for decades.

And longevity isn’t all the range-top pressure cooker has in its corner. They’re also the go-to choice among more advanced cooks. Using a range-top rather than electric pressure cooker is certainly trickier, but you’ll be able to tinker around and achieve more precise results than you otherwise would, and that’s often seen as a non-negotiable benefit by the more culinary-minded members of the cooking population.

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