Adding Wooden Accents to Your Kitchen

Back in the nineties when wooden kitchens were all the rage, the typical example of one of these would perhaps feature maple and beech with a black granite top. Trends changed however and darker, more exotic woods gained popularity, including the likes of grained Zebrano and walnut. For some added drama, the advent of quality kitchens veneers saw striking bookmatched finishes employed. Next came some rather colourful painted finishes, which saw wood take a little bit of a backseat.

Although wood doesn’t seem to be making a full comeback, with all-wood trends not really considered for modern kitchens, it’s certainly making a reappearance as all trends tend to do generally, with wood accents proving to be quite a popular part of modern kitchen designs. Here are some favourite wood-accent additions you can try out:

Flaunting It: Beautiful wooden features can serve as captivating accessories, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Elements such as open wine stores, dish racks, pull-out trays, and inset drawers contribute to both functionality and visual appeal. Additionally, the inclusion of wooden cupboards, possibly found through options like “kitchen cupboards for sale“, can complement this design approach, providing additional storage while maintaining a cohesive and harmonious look. This integration not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures practicality with efficient storage solutions.

Topping It:
Granite and quartz composite seem to be popular as worksurface choices because of the durability they offer. However, wooden worktops bring in some much-needed warmth into the kitchen space, making for a more traditional appearance with a real country influence. Wood may not be as durable, but its lifespan can be increased with the addition of metal trivets as well as regular treatment. If you want to look beyond the perennial favourite of oak, hardwearing iroko or perhaps even walnut would make for a richer, darker alternative. In that case, it may be beneficial to seek the expertise of local handyman services in Plainfield (if that is where you stay) in providing you with the right personnel to complete your home project.

Going Inside: To avoid the timber becoming too overbearing, you can dress up the cupboard interiors. Wooden spice racks on the doors make painted larders look really beautiful, so too timber shelving for your baking ingredients and perhaps some neat drawers for dried goods, cutlery and anything really.

Mixing It Up: Mixing and matching colours can be to the benefit of larger schemes, adding a lot of interest and creating zones. A 50/50 split using varia ecoresin panels is a great consideration with painted base cupboards and wall cupboards, or you can add a chic timber panel at the back. Consider the incorporation of a large oak cupboard bank to house your appliances if you’re feeling a little bolder. The cabinet should look the same though, even when you’re mixing materials so that some level of continuity is maintained, so Shaker or flat-fronted cabinets would do throughout for instance, in a variety of finishes.

Fabulous Features Echoed: Timber elements which are complementary to its architectural features can really benefit a room that has beautiful beams, exposed vaulted ceilings and original floorboards, while a kitchen done up completely in oak or walnut is a bit too much and would be a wood overload, particularly if the room is a smaller one. Modern appliances can be housed in a beautiful bank that’s countered by painted cupboards in other places. Join us in a cooking revolution (blog)