Serves 4

Not so much an after-dinner digestive but a mocha drink to enjoy in a coffee shop in the middle of the afternoon, bicerin is probably the most famous beverage in Turin.

It is rich and comforting, making it ideal for a cold, wintry day. It is important to serve the drink in a clear heatproof glass to show off the distinct layers of chocolate, coffee and whipped cream.

150ml double cream
1 tbsp icing sugar
400ml whole milk
200g finely chopped or grated cooking chocolate
600ml hot espresso (or very strong, hot coffee)

1 First, lightly whip the cream and sugar and set aside. Heat the milk in a small saucepan and slowly whisk in the chocolate. When the mixture begins to boil, whisk continuously for a minute until it is thick and smooth.
2 Pour the hot chocolate to fill one third of four clear glasses. To create a distinct coffee layer, slowly pour the espresso over the back of a spoon into the serving glasses. Spoon over a final layer of whipped cream and serve immediately. Join us in a cooking revolution (blog)