Car Friendly Snacks That You Can Take Anywhere You Go

If you find yourself traveling in your car, on the road a lot, you are likely wanting to find simple and healthy alternatives when it comes to eating on the go. Without turning to fast food, or expecting yourself to become a master chef who can make quick and easy meals, here are a few options for anyone who finds themselves busy and in need of getting something quick and healthy to eat in a moment’s notice.

Have a Sandwich

While you might want to go easy on the condiments to avoid stains and spills, having a sandwich, such as turkey and cheese, or chicken, might be the easiest way to go. These are simple, easy to throw together, aren’t known for causing much of a mess in the car, and can easily be consumed while driving. You can customize your sandwich as much as you need to your liking, but be sure to stay away from more sloppy ingredients, such as chicken or tuna salad. These can keep you well-fueled, and give you everything you need to get through your day without much fuss, and are a much better option than eating out.

Drink Your Meal

Consider the benefits of protein shakes. These are filling, can be made in advance at home, and put into a thermos for later. They have all the nutrients and vitamins you need to get through the day, and will keep you well hydrated before your next meal. Most shakes are tasty, and come in various flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. You won’t ever have to worry about having an empty stomach while you are on the road when you drink one of these, and they are often known as meal replacers, meaning you get everything you need in one shot.

Try Fruit Leather

Fruit leather is like the grown up version of fruit snacks for children, but it is more natural, and closer to real fruit. It resembles a piece of leather, and can be stored anywhere, from your purse or briefcase to somewhere in the car. Whenever you are ready, you can unwrap it and have a snack on the go. There is no mess involved, thanks to the solid form, and you can feel full and know that you are getting a healthy snack while you wait for your next meal.

Anyone who is in the car frequently and wants to find other nutritious food options needs to look no further than a few common items that are easy to throw together, and great for any busy person on the go. From having fruit leather and enjoy the benefits of eating fruit without any of the mess, to more filling options that include nutrient dense shakes, and protein in the form of a sandwich of your choice, there are many different ways to stay full and get everything you need in-between your next meal, even if you anticipate being on the road all day. Join us in a cooking revolution (blog)