Money-Saving Kitchen Design Suggestions

Everyone loves a great kitchen design, but remodeling the kitchen in a home can be one of the most expensive undertakings a homeowner can choose to conquer. The good news is that as long as you do the research, there are many different (less expensive) quality options that will lower the financial burden of your remodel.

Just because you spend a little less does not mean the aesthetic of your remodel will be compromised. Here are a few helpful suggestions to get you on your way to a brand new kitchen.

Get creative with the use of materials

If you are not looking to break the bank on your kitchen remodel, then you need to get creative. The most expensive materials are not always the best choice. Just because a material has an intended use, does not mean it has to be utilized in only that way.

For instance, one homeowner took cabinets that were intended to mount vertically and mounted them horizontally. They placed a couple of decorative knick-knacks on top of the horizontal shelving as a visual centerpiece of the design.

Another homeowner wanted the visual aesthetic of copper covering on the lower end of their kitchen island. They used copper-colored laminate countertops to simulate the look of real copper paneling. If you want to liaise with a professional about your remodel, you can go onto websites such as, and see how they can help you with what you need.

A coat of paint goes a long way

Simply resurfacing and painting old cabinets can bring a fresh look to your kitchen. As long as the structure of the cabinets is sound, paint will fix almost any eyesore. In particular, white paint is the most effective at making your kitchen cabinets look like new.

Salvage old materials as often as possible

Save money remodeling your kitchen by not demolishing everything. Save as much of the original material as possible. Materials equal money, and the goal is to save money.

When it comes to counters and cabinets, the doors may be wrecked, but the basic structure of the cabinets and counters usually last much longer. Try fitting new doors to the old structure, and bring new life to old materials.

Similarly, if you have old appliances that are still in good condition and work well, there’s absolutely no point in replacing them. Buying unnecessary new appliances will damage both your bank account and the environment, so even if your oven has a handle loose, you can easily get it repaired if you just look for an oven repairer in Melbourne or wherever you might live, as there are always people that can fix your old appliances to get them back to good as new.

Carefully placed lighting can set the mood

The lighting in any area of a home is pivotal to the atmosphere and feeling of the room. The kitchen is no different. Adding recessed lighting to a few particular areas of the design to add depth. Lighting under the cabinets and at the foot panels of your counters is ideal for placement.

Keep the basic structure of the room

The most significant way to save money on a kitchen remodel is to preserve the original, structural layout of the space. Moving plumbing and knocking out walls comes at a high price. There are still plenty of enhancements to be made without redesigning the whole area. Join us in a cooking revolution (blog)