Cooking Hacks That You May Be Doing Wrong Your Entire Life

Definitely, you know and have practiced a number of cooking shortcuts to save time and to produce the same quality of foods. However, although you may act like a pro in doing these cooking hacks, you may be doing them the wrong way your entire life.

Check the number of cooking shortcuts that may end you up or your loved one in trouble.

Cooking Hack#1: It’s fine to cut the molds.

If you have foods with molds, you may opt to cut the affected area and include them in cooking. However, there are some foods that can’t be added anymore to your dishes when they have molds. Make sure that you know which foods can be added and which are not to avoid contamination. It depends entirely, whether they are firm or soft foods. Hard cheeses, such as cheddar and Asiago can be sliced to about an inch to get rid of the molds. However, soft cheeses, yogurts, bread and leftovers are a big no-no. Oftentimes, these foods are already contaminated inside and may trigger health risk when eaten.

Cooking Hack#2: Thawing meat at room temperature.

Do you often thaw meats, including porkchops and steaks at room temperature when you’re in a rush to prepare dinner? It may be a common practice for you because nothing really is happening right? However, do you know that placing meat in your sink or countertop, instead of thawing it in the fridge is a great risk for you and your family’s health? When you defrost meat at room temperature, the temperature ranges about 68 -70 F (20 -22 C). The danger zone for bacterial growth is 40 F and 140 F (5 C and 60 C), so that means, you’re preparing meat that may be already contaminated by bacteria. The best technique to thaw meats is to soak them in a bowl of cold water.

Cooking Hack#3: Baking with cold eggs.

When baking, it is often advised that eggs should be at room temperature because they incorporate better with other ingredients. Eggs at room temperature form a smooth batter that rises better ideal for angel food cakes.

Cooking Hack#4: Overcrowding your baking pan, cookie sheet or your cooking pan.

Sure, you have done this before when you’re in a rush to prepare lunch or dinner. It’s the easiest way to cook food right away. However, when you overcrowd your baking pan, cookie sheet or cooking pan, it will take longer for you to cook them. The solution is to cook them in batches. When you cook them all in one go, you are slowing down their cooking process. Avoid this cooking hack if you want to attain the right texture and taste of your dishes.

Cooking Hack#5: Cooking with the wrong oils.

Do you have a stack of various oils for different types of dishes? If you’re not aware, different oils create different flavors for your foods. For frying, it is best to use extra virgin oil that produces the smoke alarm for sautéing. Sesame and coconut oil is ideal for baking to enhance flavors of your baked dish. Sesame oils are best for cooking Asian dishes. You could try best butter ghee or lard to produce a savory and fatty flavor. If you want the unique flavor of your dishes to stand out, use neutral oils. Safflower oil and grapeseed oil are neutral oils that have a subtle flavor and have a high smoke point.

Debbie Brown is a food lover, baking enthusiast, writer, a swimmer and a mother of two. She helps her clients with practical tips, advices and guides in cooking healthy and sumptuous dishes. Debbie writes for different food websites and magazines. She has already written her own book that talk about mastering your own kitchen. She is also a best speaker for addictions. Join us in a cooking revolution (blog)