Food That Will Get You Addicted to Them

There are many foods that we just can’t get enough. But have you ever considered why most people are hooked on cheese, chocolate, and chips? We can now reveal what makes you gravitate to these three Cs. Wanting a food badly can happen to anyone of you, but it can also happen that you get addicted to some of them. If there is anyone to blame for these food addictions, it would certainly be your brain response to these delicious stimuli.

Certain foods that you eat trigger the release of dopamine, a brain chemical. This can initiate more cravings for those foods, and this can be more acute if the foods are high in sugar, fat and salt. Dopamine makes your brain tell you to have more of the pleasurable food, as your brains love the sensation of this chemical. If you listen to these craving every time, you may end up becoming a food addict. If you are having a little food craving but you do not want to eat more, just head to and play the food and fruits themed online slots. Top games like Cutie Fruits, Word Candy, Fruit Factory, Easter Coop, and Sugar Train would perhaps satisfy your food needs. Take advantage of the free bonus slots at and start playing now.

That bowl of colourful chocolate is a sure temptation that can’t be resisted. Did you know that chocolate is considered as one of the most addictive food that you can ever have? It has the same effect on your brain’s pleasure centre as you would expect alcohol to have. Chocolates also boost the production of oxytocin, a feel-good hormone when you have the crunchy treats in your month. With time, your brain starts to look for more dopamine, thus making you crave for chocolates.

You will certainly be relieved to know that you are not the only one who can’t stop yourself from finishing a cheese platter or those tasty cheese balls. Apart from being high in cholesterol and fat, cheese is known to contain a substance known as casomorphin. This also binds to the feel-good receptors of the brain that eventually releases dopamine. Cheese can thus be addictive, while at the same time provide many health benefits.

Once you dip your hands into a bowl of pretzels, tortilla chips, or potato chips, you know it can be hard to stop. Plus, as suggested by weight loss ninja and other health blogs, pretzels, and chips aren’t all that healthy, especially if you’re watching your weight. An interesting fact is that these foods have no specific substances that bind to brain receptors to stimulate any addictive behaviour. However, these snacks are filled with carbohydrates, and this can cause a quick release of glucose. This can instantly raise your energy level and once it is used up, you feel like you need more carbohydrates to boost up your energy once again. Carbs can also become addictive just to keep your sugar level high.

Soft drinks and sodas, French fries, ice cream, and pizza topped with mozzarella can also create sugar dependency. They can easily become comfort food that you crave to drink or eat if you do not restrain yourself. Join us in a cooking revolution (blog)