Incorporate Fruit Into Your Diet Without Spoiling Your Appetite

Isn’t it ironic how when you were younger, it was much easier for your mom to convince you to eat fruit, whereas now eating fruit sort of poses a dilemma which has you knowing that you need fruit in your diet and yet at the same time you don’t want the fruit you eat to spoil your appetite? It’s almost as if a there’s an internal war going in inside of you, suggesting that any “hot meal” ranks higher up in the hierarchy of healthy, essential foods than “cold” foods such as the various fruits available.

There are a few ways through which to win this internal war though and you can indeed incorporate fruit into your diet without spoiling your appetite for all the main meals you have throughout the day. You can work these suggestions into the children’s diets as well, provided they also suffer the same fate of the fruits they snack on spoiling their appetites.

Have fruit for breakfast

Yes, why not replace an entire meal with an assortment of fruit so that you don’t have to choose between putting fruit in your diet or not? It might take a while for your body to adjust to what will effectively feel like a “lighter” breakfast, but this means that you can increase the portions of fruit you take in and you can also enjoy the full variety of fruits from the likes of Sicoly, to your heart’s content.

Eat more fruit-based desserts

All the different types of berries in existence particularly make for great ingredients to go into various delicious desserts, so too coconut and even the likes of apples and bananas. You can even go all the way and eat more of those desserts which are entirely made out of fruits, such as mixed berries, canned apricots/peaches and mixed fruit salads.

Snack on fruit purees and juices

One of the biggest reasons behind the recommended daily allowance of fruit portions conspiring to displace some space in your tummy and destroying your appetite for your regular meals is probably because you tend to eat bulkier fruit. The fibre contained in some fruit is the whole point behind eating those fruit, but if you want to save your appetite and still get your required fruit helpings then you can go for smaller portions as well as eating something like a frozen fruit puree or enjoying a freshly squeezed glass of 100% pure fruit juice/smoothie.

Cook with more fruit ingredients

Because fruits tend to taste really good for a food type that’s deemed to be healthy, most people are quite apprehensive about incorporating more fruit into the regular meals they cook which make up the main course. Remember that the likes of pumpkin and beetroot are actually fruits as well, so you can endeavour to incorporate more of these as ingredients forming part of your main meals.

Eat smaller meals spread out wider during the day

Fruit is a very important part of a healthy diet and so one should never allow themselves to succumb to the fruit-versus-hot-meals conflict. If eating more fresh fruit eats into your appetite, perhaps you should spread your meals out wider and make them smaller, such as eating six small meals per day as opposed to the traditional three meals spread over breakfast, lunch and dinner. Join us in a cooking revolution (blog)