Happy Easter

Easter is just around the corner. Everybody is doing their last-minute shopping for chocolate Easter eggs and no doubt getting things ready for the children’s Easter egg hunt on Sunday. Yes, there is a religious connotation to the festival of Easter but to most it is the time for the family to get together and enjoy each other’s company over a delicious Sunday dinner or lunch. As holidays go, did you know that Easter is actually a longer break for most people than Christmas? We have a four-day break which starts on Good Friday, then goes to Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday. In some countries, it is referred to as Holy Week.


I always remember Easter for the delicious chocolate eggs and usually a nice big chocolate Easter bunny. As a family, we all sat down to an excellent lunch of roast meats such as duck, or chicken, or pork, with lots of roast vegetables. The desserts were always a favourite part of the meal because you can’t beat delicious sweets.

Sunday morning always started with hot cross buns. Unfortunately, not everybody can eat gluten based foods and I came across this cookbook which was all about eating a healthy, alternative way. As well as having all the recipes that you would need for Easter dinner or lunch it has a link to the discount supplements discount code. You can use this to check out the great bargains available to help you make these recipes. Take the opportunity to see the cookbook where you will find delicious recipes for gluten-free hot cross buns, gluten-free carrot cake and a couple of other delicious little desserts that are easy to make and taste just great. It’s called The Alternative Healthy Easter Cookbook.

I’m not sure how the kids are going to behave after such an intake of sugar. Chocolates from the Easter egg hunt and the sweets after dinner. That’s another problem for parents, but it’s a holiday next day as well, so who cares? I remember one year we had the egg hunt and also added hard boiled, painted eggs to the little chocolate ones. As luck would have it, we didn’t check out just how many eggs we hid and it was a few months later, while I was busy gardening, that I came across a long lost egg that had obviously been a snack stop for a few bugs, probably ants. Good luck to them. They found the egg, the kids didn’t!

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