Wedding Cake Ideas to Add Pizazz to your Party

Weddings can be frightfully stressful, particularly if you are in charge of all the organisation. Whether you’re representing a couple, you’re the one getting married or the betrothed are close friends, for whatever reason you have been placed in charge of organising the wedding, and now you are looking for ideas and inspiration for the wedding cake. As a centrepiece of the wedding dining platter and part of the celebration itself, finding the perfect wedding cake can be quite hard, as it is quite an important part of the whole event. Choose the wrong style or design, and it could have an effect on how people remember the wedding occasion.

Fear not! There are countless magazines and pictures both on and offline of gorgeous wedding cakes, stunning designs and fancy themes that are sure to help bring a spark of creativity to your mind. Doing a little digging will unearth a several tiers of wedding cake traditions, what is to be expected and what you can get away with when it comes to wedding cakes and what the happy couple have in mind. Moreover, if you are organizing a wedding during the summer months, considering Refreshing menu ideas for summer weddings can enhance the overall experience, ensuring that the cake and the food selections complement the celebratory and joyful atmosphere.

However if you’re a little stuck for ideas, and want a head start, why not take a look at four of our wedding cake designs and themes to help you get going?

  1. Wedding Dress Cake


This can be a great way to personalise the cake. Following on from the tradition of having a white cake, a wedding dress cake can be commissioned to look just like the bridal gown, identical right down to the last flower petal. It is a unique idea that ensures that every cake will be different, yet it is not so far away from traditional cake designs as to seem ‘out there’ or attention seeking. It might even be considered as the best of both (cake) worlds.

  1. Themed Cake

Are the happy couple avid cinema-goers or amateur movie makers? Why not commission a film reel cake design? Do they enjoy rock climbing and hiking? A mountainous cake with a couple of adventurers perched atop the cake would do nicely! Lately themed cakes have been rising in popularity with newlyweds in a bid to provide new and exciting aspects to the classic wedding ceremony.

A traditional wedding cake is white with minimal decoration, but some people can consider that to be boring and cliché nowadays. With themed cakes, you are able to represent a hobby that the two of you share and for all to see, so it is a great way of reminding the happy couple what they love about each other. Plus, it is different with every couple!

  1. Cupcake Cake

This is more of a ‘cake’ than a cake as it is a cake made up of smaller cakes; cupcakes! The concept of the cupcake cake is to help minimise mess and create a fun, alternative design that has a lot more flexibility than your average three tiered wedding cake. You can create as many colourful cupcakes as you like, or you can have a number of smaller cupcakes and one larger cupcake to represent the main cake. It is entirely up to you.

  1. Traditional Tiered Cake

The traditional tiered wedding cake is one that has survived generation after generation of big wedding, small wedding, fancy wedding and simple wedding. Glamorous weddings and wedding disasters, the tiered cake has seen it all. Normally with a minimum of three tiers, a classical cake will be white and rounded with a few coloured ribbons or plain decorations adorning the cake to give it a regal air, without overwhelming the entire design of the cake. In recent years, couples have gone for more colourful tiered cakes, with more elaborate designs, as well as a few cakes of different shapes and sizes, but the general concept has stayed the same. It is a good, solid cake to choose for any wedding.


Of course, regardless of what style of cake you choose to have, you’re sure to have a fantastic wedding filled with all the sparkles and bells that you’ve chosen specifically. There is a lot of pressure nowadays for everybody to have big, fancy weddings with all their friends and relatives, but it is important to remember that it is the ceremony that is the most crucial part of the wedding. Nobody is going to think any less of you if you choose to have a small get together in someone’s back garden, just make sure you’ve brought enough food to feed all that turn up!

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